Numero Uno

Buckle up sister, it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

For years my friends and family have been pushing me to start a blog.

“Your stories crack us up, you need to start a blog.” (My co-workers)

“Things like that ONLY happen to you! You need to write about that!” (My best friend)

“You have a great tone and writing personality. People can relate to you and that’s unique in a writer. You need to branch out with a blog.” (Best compliment I ever got from one of my editors at the paper I worked for.)

“Writing comes so easy to you and you’re good at it. That’s what made you a good newspaper reporter. Just do it for cripe’s sake!” (My encouraging mom)

Don’t get me wrong. My life isn’t anything glamorous or unique. I haven’t met any (really) famous people. I don’t have hoards of men pounding on my door wanting to date me. I don’t live in a mansion with a full staff, taking care of my every wish and want.

I am just a single 46-year-old woman trying to make her way in this world, battling the ups and downs of dating, working, being a parent of an adult child and taking care of a quirky small dog with a big personality and bigger needs. However, if things are going to go sideways, upside down, inside out, and anything in between, it’s going to happen to this girl.

So, I am stepping out, starting a new chapter in my life and career and jumping feet first into the world of blogging.

It’s been an education so far- stumbling through creating a website, realizing you need a hosting platform, finding a hosting platform, getting on social media sites so that you can push traffic to your blog, all the while drinking a lot of wine through the process.

I can’t tell you where this will go, but wherever it does, I hope you enjoy the ride and get a laugh or two from it.

Thanks for reading (pray for me),


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