The Don and Weather

The Don enjoying “acceptable” weather conditions

Over the past year of living together, I have learned a lot about Don Luigi’s likes and dislikes…his many, many dislikes.  

One thing that really turns The Don’s cranky wheel up a notch is weather.

In Don Luigi’s world it is expected that everyday is a warm 71 degrees (not 70, 68, or 72 degrees, 71 degrees), clear skies and sun.

If there is a snippet of a cloud hanging in the sky, it is not acceptable.

Rain? Not acceptable.

Wind? Not acceptable.

Fog? Not acceptable

Snow? Oh, hell no, definitely not acceptable.

And no matter what weather Colorado is offering us, I am responsible for it all.

So when things aren’t as he pleases, I get punished with the “judgey look” and a very pouty dog.  The “judgey look” is a stare that The Don uses when he is disgusted, horrified, annoyed, cranky…ok, let’s be real, he uses it all the time. It’s pretty much a staple of his emotional repertoire.

In addition to the “judgey look”, we play the oh-so-fun “Nope” game whenever the weather is not to his liking.

Here’s how the “Nope” game is played:

Depending on what’s going on outside- rain, snow, wind, etc.- I pull out The Don’s necessary outerwear such as his hoodie, sweater, socks (yes, he has socks), booties, etc. and get him bundled up.

I open the door and with my foot I gently nudge him outside.

The Don walks to the edge of the stairs, surveys the landscape, and I swear I can hear him screaming in his head “ARRRRRGH! WTF is this?????”.

“Nope”, thinks Don, “the weather is not acceptable”, so he promptly turns around, throws me the judgey look, and walks back inside.

We play the “Nope” game a few times before I pick him up and carry him out (one of the benefits of having a small dog is that you can carry them to where you want to go).

The “Nope” game is a blast, especially if you are in a hurry to get to someplace. Then the added stress really ramps up the fun! Everyone should have the opportunity to play it with their dog!

The “Nope” game ends back inside with Don Luigi wedged between two couch cushions pouting and feeling sorry for himself about how terrible and traumatic his life has become. Yes, The Don can be a drama queen from time to time.

The results of a successful round of the “Nope” game.

Sadly for us both, today is a snow day.

Welp, off to play another round of the “Nope” game!

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