DIY: Succulents

I admit it. I do not have the greatest green thumb around; I am a serial plant killer.

So IMG_2632when I received a box of succulents as a gift, I was a bit skeptical about it.

But as I removed each little plant and noticed their heartiness (I mean, they survived travel in a cardboard box in an Amazon truck), I started to buy into the possibility that I could keep these suckers alive.

Since they arrived in temporary plastic pots, I had to get them into a permanent home ASAP.

Succulents can be planted together or separately. I chose to plant each one in their own little jar, which I found at the dollar store-cheap and cute. Score!

If you are planting each succulent by itself, you’ll want to leave the roots intact as much as possible. However, if you plan to plant a bunch of them together, you can break off some of the roots. Breaking off roots won’t affect the growth or life of the succulents, they will be fine either way.

Once you have your pot(s), fill them halfway to the top with sIMG_2635oil. The soil mixture should be specific for succulents. You can purchase premixed succulent soil from any home and garden store, Home Depot, Walmart, Loews, etc. (which is what I did) or if you are really a gardening goddess, you can make your own. I found a ton of soil recipes online, but here is one that is super simple:

3 parts potting soil

2 parts coarse sand (turface or poultry grit)

1 part perlite or pumice

Once you have your succulent in the pot, add a top dressing. Top dressings can be colorful rocks or gravel. As you add the top dressing,  gently press down on the soil to help hold the succulent in place.

After you’ve finished the re-potting process, be sure to let your succulent sit for two days before watering it. This allows the roots time to heal before they have to suck up water, which will prevent root rot.

As far as watering, soak the roots and then let them dry out for a few days. You can also lightly mist them with water, but they need the “soak and dry” method to survive long term.


In addition to frequent watering, be sure to place your succulents where they can get the most light possible.

These little plants are not only fun to look at and pretty easy to maintain, but they make unique hostess gifts.


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